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Recovery Stack (Max Recovery + Protein, Max Adrenal, Max Sleep)

Recover to the best of your abilities with the Recovery Stack!


Max Recovery + Protein:  
Max Recovery + Protein is designed to be a one stop shop for full body recovery after every work out. High quality carbohydrates and whey isolate protein mix with water to provide a well balanced post work out recovery shake.
Use Max Recovery to support these physical functions:

- Enhance your glycogen repletion (needed to rebuild after every practice, training session, or work out where you expend energy)
Increase insulin sensitivity
- Exit the GI tract quickly– quickly digested and absorbed by your body for fast recovery, but slow to break down in the blood stream for continued benefit.
- Increase the rate at which your body re-fills its glycogen stores– give your body what it needs after intense training immediately to recover as fast as possible to feel good and hit the gym again the next day.
- Whey isolate protein post work out helps repair the micro-tears in your muscles, helping you build strength and stamina.


Max Adrenal 2.0 was formulated out of a need for a superior adrenal product on the market.  It is an adrenal support formula that targets both the body and mind to enhance energy, optimize hormones, increase mental focus, and improve well-being. 


Max Sleep

Anyone looking to optimize sleep for health, performance recovery, and generalized well-being.  Sleep is EVERYTHING, and without it, we have nothing.

1.    Do you have a prolonged time for sleep onset? (Normal = 10min)

2.    Do you wake frequently & for extended periods? (Normal= 1x, short duration)

3.    Do you wake VERY early & cannot get back to sleep? (NOT normal)

4.    Do you feel unrested and lethargic, even after a full night sleep? (NOT normal)

5.    Do you have specific goals of body comp, performance, or both?

Suggested Dosing:  3 capsules in the PM 30min before bed.