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#N3L Training Log for Mental and Physical Training- 90 days- Physical Book

This log was created because there was nothing else like it out in the world. By creating this the aim was to educate and create actionable items for athletes to do every training day to help them achieve a stronger mindset. The psychology of this log focuses on cognitive reframing or thought reframing, over time and through repetition and practice the goal is to help change the athlete's automatic thought process from negative to positive when things get tough. 
As an athlete myself, I constantly struggled with the idea of “working on mental strength” without anyone giving me the tools to figure out how. I decided to change that with this journal/log. 
This Log aims to educate the everyday athlete on ways to enhance their mental performance for their sport. The log includes areas to write down the training for that day to also work on the physical as well as mental aspect. 

You will receive the following benefits from purchasing this log: 

  • Understanding the basics of Sports Psychology
  • Putting into practice the steps to move forward to a stronger mental game
  • “Game Day Nutrition” section at the back of the log
  • Teaches the psychology of imagery and visualization training
  • A one-stop shop to keep your physical training log as well as mental