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Creatine Complex

Creatine is one of the most well-known supplements, making it extremely safe to consume.  The creation complex includes 4 different types of creatine, therefore, maximizing performance and recovery. The creatines are the following: Monohydrate Creatine, HCL creatine, Pyruvate creatine, and Magnesium chelate creatine.


Monohydrate creatine has been studied for decades. Its main attributes are to help increasing lean muscle mass and strength as well as improving power development.


As for creatine HCl, it is well known for its greater solubility compared to other forms of creatine, which means that less water is needed to transport the creatine molecules into the muscle. HCl creatine will, therefore, help increase muscle mass without bloating and without creating water retention. Compared to monohydrate creatine, a smaller amount of HCl creatine is needed to achieve the same benefits. 


Pyruvate creatine is the most soluble type of creatine so every milligram counts. In addition to enhancing your aerobic metabolism, pyruvate creatine helps to maintain maximal force and power during high-intensity training.


Bonding creatine to a magnesium molecule creates creatine magnesium chelate, which helps increase absorption in muscle. This chelate renders the three (3) other forms of creatine present in CREAtion more active by increasing their absorption, which makes them more available and therefore increases the muscle energy.


Calcium HMB was also added to the CREAtion  - creatine complex because HMB has a different mechanism of action than creatine to increase strength. By combining CaHMB and creatine, protein synthesis becomes faster which improves recovery. Black pepper extract is an active ingredient that increases nutrients absorption. The addition of CaHMB and black pepper extract to the tetra-creatine allows increasing the quality and efficacy of the product by using different mechanisms of action to reach your goals.


5STAR4MULA CREAtion – creatine complex is without a doubt the most effective tetra-creatine blend on the market. CREAtion had been tested on all types of athletes to find the perfect ingredients and dosages to maximize performance, strength, power, and recovery. Do you want to lift heavier? Be more powerful? Improve your performance? Help your body build lean muscle mass? Recuperate faster? This is the product you need! CREAtion has been CREAted 4you.