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February 19, 2018 5 min read

Just eating healthy food is not enough. Following a daily workout routine is equally important to stay healthy. Every individual has their own way of working out. But have you ever thought what is the best way to exercise? Along with using various Canadian fitness equipment, there are various other things you need to focus on - eating habits, proteins and supplements intake, relaxation, exercise and many more. In this article, let’s take a detailed look at the best way to exercise.


Before Workout


To perform a healthy and fruitful workout, there are various things you need to do before you start with your exercise. Proper sleep, nutrition, planning, and many other things are involved in the before a workout or the pre-workout phase. Let’s see the things you need to do before your workout.


  • Sleep: Getting adequate sleep is very important for feeling fresh and energetic throughout the day. Without proper sleep, your body is not able to give its 100% in completing daily tasks including the workout.


  • Hydration: Workout means losing a lot of water content in the form of sweat. Water is needed to regulate your body temperature and transport the essential nutrients to provide you energy. Being hydrated before, during and after the workout is, therefore, very important.


  • Slow Digesting Carbs: Every meal you eat throughout the day and the one just before your workout session should include slow digesting carbs like whole grains. This will keep your insulin level low and burn more fat during the workout. Also, carbs are a great source of energy too.


  • Other Nutrients: Along with slow digesting carbs, your body also needs other essential nutrients like proteins. Whey proteins are a very good option to obtain positive nitrogen balance in your body. You should even consume some fast digesting carbs to give you instant energy for the workout.


  • Pre-workout Supplements: The nutrients which you have consumed throughout the day are used for daily activities too. Hence, having some pre-workout supplements is necessary. These supplements provide extra energy during your workout session.


  • Warm Up: Your body is not always in the state of performing vigorous exercises instantly. It needs to get prepared. Always perform a basic warm up before you start your workout regime.


Workout Exercises




There are various types of squats that people perform: front, split, pulse squat, and many other. Performing a basic squat helps build the leg muscles including the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. They also help release testosterone - a hormone that helps in building muscles.


Along with this, squats help improve balance and improves the communication between the brain and muscles which are involved in this exercise.


Shoulder Press


Shoulder press is a very great workout for strengthening your upper body muscles. Along with this, it also increases the bone strength. From your wrist, elbows, and shoulders - functioning of each joint is improved. As it strengthens your upper body muscles, it increases your ability to perform other vigorous exercises which needs upper body strength.


Chest Press


Like shoulder press, chest press too improves your strength and builds your muscles. But, unlike shoulder press that provides upper body workout, chest press is a whole body workout. Along with this, it improves your blood flow, tones body muscles, and is a great cardio exercise.


Barbell Bent-over Rows


To strengthen the muscles like lats, rhomboids, rear delts, trapezius, and biceps, you need to do barbell bent-over rows. It is a perfect exercise for your back training. It provides thickness and details to your back muscles. Remember, having a correct form and posture is very important while performing barbell bent-over rows, or else you can injure yourself. You can visit the online fitness store to get the right weight barbell and other Canadian fitness equipment for building your body strength.


Pull-ups and Push-ups


Unlike other exercises which use either barbell or other equipment to train your body, push-ups and pull-ups are a great way to train your body to bear its own weight. Along with this, based on the particular muscle you want to target, you can bring in variations to your push-ups and pull-ups. Overall, these exercises help improve your ability to perform various activities throughout your day.


Other than these, there are many other exercises that you should include in your daily routine - step-ups, floor slams, running, jogging, hips thrusts, etc. Each of these exercises has their own benefits. If you are a beginner, perform each exercise for a few counts or seconds. Gradually day-by-day keep on increasing the duration of each exercise.


Also, if you have undergone any surgery recently, or have some health issues like back problems, blood pressure, or any other, do consult your doctor or a professional trainer before performing any exercise.


After Workout


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Just as you need to prepare yourself before a workout, your body needs some preparation after the workout too. Let’s see the things you need to do after your workout:


  • Stretching: Your body has gone through a lot of muscle training and is tired. Few stretching exercises will help your body muscles to relax and become more flexible to perform other daily activities.


  • Relaxation: Giving your body rest just after the workout session is important. It helps train your brain to get back to the normal state and relax your muscles. This also gives time for your body to repair and build stronger muscles.


  • Refuel Your Body: Your body has used the nutrients you consumed before your workout. As soon as you finish your workout, your body looks for stored carbs and proteins to provide you energy. You can consider skipping the pre-workout meals, but consuming carbs, proteins, and post-workout supplements after your workout are essential.


  • Cool Shower: Having a cool shower helps reduce the inflammation you face after a vigorous workout session. It also speeds up the recovery process of your body and brings it back to normal state.


It is always advisable to start slowly and keep on increasing the counts of each exercise gradually. This will eventually increase your stamina. Track the progress of each day and plan your future workouts accordingly. Also, as a beginner, give yourself a break. Exercise 6 days in a week and just relax on the 7th day. If you need various Canadian fitness equipment to perform different types of exercises, visit an Online fitness store so that you can start with the exercise routine you have planned for yourself.