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April 03, 2018 4 min read

So you have decided to get started with CrossFit for better health. You’ve paid for the gym and are all set to start the regime. But wait right there. What will you take with you in your gym bag? Here are some CrossFit must-haves that should be there in your bag for trouble-free CrossFit sessions.


1) Wrist Wraps


Wrist wraps aren’t only meant for people with weak wrists. They are more like staple gears that you must have before you start your CrossFit exercises. Whether you are indulging in heavy barbell activity or doing workouts such as push-ups, handstand push-ups, and wall balls, these wraps support your wrists throughout. You can select from elastic, non-elastic, buttoned, or wraps with velcro based on your comfort.


2) Knee Sleeves


The knee joint is one such joint that experiences strain throughout the CrossFit regime. Therefore, it is necessary to secure and support your knees with knee support or sleeves. These supportive sleeves prevent any exertion and overuse pain that may develop after your workout. Many people feel that they can lift more and do more number of squats after wearing these supports. Just like wrist wraps, knee sleeves too come in elastic or non-elastic forms to choose from.


3) Speed Rope


This isn’t the ordinary jump rope you had during your childhood. This rope helps you with one of the tricky movements of CrossFit - double-unders. Speed ropes spin quickly with little force and are available in different sizes and colors. Choose a custom-made rope that matches your height. But remember one thing, using this gear can be daunting. If the spinning speed isn’t right, it might hit you and leave marks on your body.


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4) Sports or Athletic Tape


Sports or athletic tape is yet another staple that you need to have no matter what type of CrossFit regime you follow. Tape your hands with an athletic tape before barbell lifting and performing pull-ups, and your hands will thank you for preventing them from ripping. Taping is a great way to prevent, or conceal torn hands, and give you some extra grip, especially on the thumbs.


5) Weight Belt


Many people think that weight belts act as a brace to support your torso, so your core muscles don't have to. This isn’t true. This belt can help you increase the use of the abs and lower-back muscles. In fact, wearing a belt might increase core development, and not hinder it. This belt reduces stress and stabilizes the spine during CrossFit workouts. In simple words, a weight belt can make your performance better.


6) Foam Roller


Foam rolling is an excellent CrossFit exercise focusing on self-myofascial release that loosens knots and muscle stiffness. A foam roller makes these pain-relieving exercises easy to perform. These rollers come in 2 lengths, full sized and 1/2 sized. You can keep the latter one in your fitness bag and take your personal roller to the fitness center.


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7) Gym Chalk


If you have a weak grip, you cannot miss out on gym chalk. Chalk helps to pull moisture from your hands so that you can get a firm grip. It is because of chalks that you can prevent your exercise equipment from slipping and ruining your CrossFit regime. Not only this, using a little chalk also helps you perform better at the gym by increasing your pull-up and weightlifting count.


8) Shoes


Running shoes are perfect if you run for miles to keep yourself fit. But if you feel this pair of shoes will also work for CrossFit exercises, you are sadly mistaken. You will need a shoe that is stable enough for all the CrossFit activities. They should be stable enough for weightlifting; light enough for sprints, jogging, and running; and flexible enough for jumping and other movements. Thus, look for comfortable and stable CrossFit shoes for yourself.


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9) Long Socks


Whether you are doing box jumps, deadlifts or rope climbs, your shin and calves experience a considerable amount of strain. Replace your ankle-length or ordinary socks with knee-length socks to provide support to these parts of your legs. Opt for a material that isn’t very elastic. Elastic socks won’t provide enough support against the stress applied.


10) Deodorant/Body Spray


You surely don’t want to stink during and after an arduous workout CrossFit session. Keep the bad body odor away so that you and others can workout comfortably with the help of a good body deodorant or body spray. Choose a waterproof and lasting deodorant or spray that won’t wash off with sweat.


11) Muscle Repair Lotion or Balm


After all the stress applied to your body muscles, you will need to re-energize them with a good repair lotion or balm. These muscle repair balms not only soothe the inflammation in muscles but also retain free motion of muscles and joints after the workout session. Different types and variants of balms and lotions are available in the market that provides effective results.

Muscle Repair Lotion or Balm

12) Whey Protein


After an intensive CrossFit workout your muscle tissues tear down and need building blocks to restore the damage. Whey protein provides the necessary proteins so that your muscles are re-energized and you regain the energy you lost while working out. Whey happens to be one of the richest sources of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s) that enhances muscle growth by boosting growth-hormone levels and lowering cortisol levels. Opt for hydrolyzed whey as hydrolyzed whey isolates are faster-digesting than standard whey concentrate and it helps deliver maximum protein to your muscles fast.


Make sure you choose the best fits for your CrossFit regime and carry them in your gym bag to get the best out of the workouts. Opt for items that are more functional and not the ones that look attractive.