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February 12, 2018 4 min read

A healthy body is equal to healthy living. A person not following a healthy routine will definitely face health issues at some point in his/her life. Healthy people follow a regular fitness routine which most of the unhealthy people are unaware of. Let’s take a look in detail the things that healthy people do and unhealthy people don’t.


Have a Plan


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It’s not always that unhealthy people don’t make a fitness plan. Sometimes they too make plans to achieve their high fitness goals and make everyone know about the plan they are going to follow. But do they really follow it? Often not; sometimes they do try to follow the plan but are unable to do so. Also, many times the plan created is left behind to get buried in some corner of the house.


Creating a proper plan and executing it is what healthy people do. They will have a plan ready for the things that they will perform in a day and the amount of rest they will take. Also, they have goals set for themselves which they have to achieve by the end of the day. Their plan will include how much time they need to workout, what food items they will consume, what food items they have to avoid, the amount of rest required, etc.


Excuses are Not Applicable


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I have pain in my leg; My head is paining; I have a hectic day in the office; There is only unhealthy food available around the premises - All these are excuses given by unhealthy people to skip the daily exercise and follow the fitness regime. They always find new reasons for not being able to hit the gym or for not eating healthy.


These excuses are not at all a hurdle for healthy people. They know the benefits of exercising daily, and hence, find these problems very small. They plan their daily routine in such a way that they can give equal importance to their work and health.


Do Not Skip Food

People mostly think that for being healthy they need to eat less. This myth may lead to critical health issues later on in life. Most of the unhealthy people (usually in case overweight) start their fitness journey by avoiding the necessary amount of food intake.


For a healthy lifestyle, it is important to switch to a nutritional diet rather than starving. A healthy person eats healthy food almost every 2 hours. The quantity they eat is around the size of their fist, and the food is rich in proteins and other essential vitamins and minerals.


Get Plenty of Sleep


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Sleep is essential for a healthy life. It helps heal and strengthen your muscles. Also, sleep provides mental strength and stability. Many times, in order to remain fit, people work out vigorously and skip on their sleep time. This leads to poor body functions and ultimately leads to an unhealthy lifestyle.


A healthy person always keeps adequate time for sleeping in his plan. This allows his body to perform all the activities more efficiently.


Exercise Daily

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The food you eat needs to be converted into energy so that there is no fat accumulation. So, a person needs to perform a full body exercise daily. People often target a particular spot on the body which they need to reduce and hence, perform exercises for spot reduction. In fact, there’s no such thing as spot reduction, and if you want to reduce your belly fat or the excess fat from any part of your body, then you need to do all the different kinds of exercises for different parts of the body. For being healthy, it is important to strengthen every body part. Hence, a healthy person always starts with a basic warm-up followed by crunches, squats, planks, push-ups, yoga and other exercises. Relaxing and meditating at the end of every session is also important. Some exercises require gyming equipment to strengthen your muscles or to reduce excess weight. Therefore, buy the best fitness products available online and start with your regular exercise.


Drink Plenty of Water


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Due to packed routine, most people do not get time to drink the right amount of water. Unable to consume a certain amount of water makes your body suffer various health problems like fatigue, premature aging, obesity, blood pressure and many more.


The human body is 60% water and water helps all the essential vitamins and minerals to reach the organs and other parts of the body. Hence, drinking around 8-10 glasses of water every day is essential for healthy body. This helps balance the water levels of the body and refreshes the body every day.


Maintain Good Posture

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Sitting on the office chair tired with your back bending towards the table? This is a clear sign of unhealthy living. The body posture is an important part of healthy lifestyle. A leaning back can cause pain in your spine, neck, and shoulders. It can also change the shape of your back permanently. A bad posture can lead to many other health-related issues. On the other hand, a healthy person will always have his head up, shoulders back, and chest out. This helps them maintain a healthy body along with a good posture. Plus, it reduces the chances of chronic back, neck or shoulder pain as you age.


Have Healthy and Positive Atmosphere


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People adapt to their surroundings. Being with people who follow unhealthy lives such as consuming toxic substances may make you think and behave in the same way. Hence, your surrounding can also influence your lifestyle.


Healthy people try to stay with people who are healthy and who motivate them to follow the fitness routine seriously. Also, for maintaining good mental health, they try to acquire positivity from people who stay positive and are cautious about their health.


Every step taken towards healthy lifestyle needs to be followed throughout your life. Although you may have your cheat days, breaking the routine completely can bring you back from healthy to unhealthy living. Start your ‘being healthy’ journey with few changes to your daily routine and keep on moving ahead till you achieve the desired health result.