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So you have decided to get started with CrossFit for better health. You’ve paid for the gym and are all set to start the regime. But wait right there. What will you take with you in your gym bag? Here are some CrossFit must-haves that should be there in your bag for trouble-free CrossFit sessions.   1) Wrist Wraps   Wrist wraps aren’t only meant for people with weak wrists. They are more like staple gears that you must have before you start your CrossFit exercises. Whether you are indulging in heavy barbell activity or doing workouts such as push-ups,...

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Just eating healthy food is not enough. Following a daily workout routine is equally important to stay healthy. Every individual has their own way of working out. But have you ever thought what is the best way to exercise? Along with using various Canadian fitness equipment, there are various other things you need to focus on - eating habits, proteins and supplements intake, relaxation, exercise and many more. In this article, let’s take a detailed look at the best way to exercise.   Before Workout   To perform a healthy and fruitful workout, there are various things you need to...

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